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Increase productivity, reduce cost, automate routine work, and make better decisions by managing major HR operations in a single platform through RigoHR – Nepal’s #1 HR Software.

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Trust and recommendation from 500+ companies in Nepal and Abroad make RigoHR Nepal’s #1 Modern HR Platform

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End to End HR Platform

Everything you need to streamline your HR

Rigo HR simplifies and standardizes every aspect of managing, engaging and developing your team. Use a single End-to-end HR Platform, loved and recommended by visionary HR Leaders, that cover every aspect of modern Human Resources Management from Hiring to Retiring your workforce.


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People Platform designed for Everyone in the Organization

Engage Employees

RigoHR is designed to engage employees and drive performance and productivity through fair and transparent People Practices

Empower Managers

The system empowers and enables manager to guide, provide feedback and help their team  perform their best

Insight for Executives

Executives get to know what is going on in the organization and where is the scope for improvement and optimization

Modern Human Resources Software built to promote People and Performance

Human Resources Management Software is not just Record Keeping and Pay Calculation. Use the best HR Software in Nepal to promote learning, development, performance and engagement for employee growth and organizational goal achievement. Rigo is the only platform that allows you to combine HR, payroll, learning, performance, and engagement for any type of workforce in a single platform. Consolidate your tools, reduce overhead, and unlock unrivalled insights into your workforce data.

Recruitment and Onboarding

RigoHR begings with employee planning, recruitment, applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding

Personal Records and Employee Events

Employee personal records and event history are always upto date by HR as well as employees themselves through self service

Job Description and KSAs

Setting clear expectation from employees through JD and KSAs via JD Assignment, Acceptance and Change History

Pay, Benefits and Taxes

Rigo Payroll keeps track of employee pay, benefits and taxes with highest level of legal compliance and self service assistance

Day to Day Employee Operations

Easily manage day to day operations, tasks, visits, shifts, requests, helpdesk and feedback from leave, expenses to insurance

Work and Performance

Employee and Manager performance is one of the most important part of RigoHR with Goals, KPI and Performance Review

Engagement and Feedback

Engage employees through Vibes, Voices and Feedback and regular easy 1-on-1 Meetings to listen and guide employees

Learning and Development

Identify learning and development needs and start Learning and Development process via LMS and Training

The Rigo Advantage

RigoHR is Nepal’s most trusted and widely used Human Resources Management and Payroll Software. Most of the top enterprises who really care about their people use RigoHR.

Easy to Use

Easy to use modern web and mobile application increases employee adaptability and engagement

Flexibility and Control

Flexible Roles and Permission ensures the right functions and information is accessed by right people

Standard Practices

We help you adopt standard People Practices followed by innovative and high growth companies worldwide

Always up to date

Rigo cloud application is always up-to-date and any legal or security updates are available before you realize

Designed by CAs

RigoHR is built by HR, Finance and IT Professionals with more than 15 years experience in the field.

Fast implementation

Implement RigoHR within a few days with our professional customer success team.

Small Affordable Fee

Run the best HR platform on a small subscription fee. No upfront investment to purchase the software.

People Focus

Focuses on Team collaboration, Learning, Performance and Development.


Create and link multiple company in RigoHR for easy management while maintaining separate rules

Single Sign On (SSO)

Rigo Support SSO for user login and multi company management including Google and Microsoft.

Group Company

Group your companies together under an umbrella for easy access control and authorization.

Auto Backup

Your data and files are automatically backed up daily. And, you can backup any time manually.

Security and compliance

Enterprise Data Security

We follow enterprise level data protection and security standards so that your data is always safe and secure. Our multi-layer security, role based access control (RBAC), web application firewall (WAF) and approval settings ensure the right people get access to what they’re supposed to.

Enterprise Level Security

We’re ISO 27001 compliant. All our applications hosted in World Class Data Centers, and we undergo annual third-party audits to ensure application and infrastructure security.

Strong Role Based Access Control

Create custom Roles and permission and give only the required permission to your team. You can invite external auditors and consultants with auto expiring user permissions.

Approvals for Critical Record Change

Define maker and checker for every management and administrative activities. Easily designate approvers based on their position, user group or another suitable factor.

Audit Trail and Change Logs

Verify data and configuration changes with comprehensive audit trail—view who made the change and when with pervious and changed values during audit or investigation.

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