RigoHR FieldPro

Plan and Track your Team's Field Visit

Does your team goes to market regularly and need a tool to plan field visits and track your team’s visit and expenses? FieldPro is the perfect Field Tracker feature in RigoHR.

Track your Customer Visits

Visit Records and Expense Claim

Plan Field Visits

Plan customer visits by you or your team, when your team should visit customers or a route of customer and plan days the times of visit. Planning and corresponding visits report makes it easy to track the progress. And employee daily visit map tracker shows you details about the visits with visit location and duration.

Keep Visit Records

Keep visit record, location, time, photos, discussions, tasks and overall feedback. You can also record collection or sales record during filed visit. The record becomes very helpful when someone else need to visit the customer next time or need to recall what was the progress of earlier visits.

Reimburse Expenses

FieldPro is integrated with RigoHR expense claim module and when you need to reimburse your employees for field visit expenses like fuel, food allowance and the like. When expenses are being requested, the requestor can pull the visits made during the date range and submit the expense claim with the visit details among other things.

Key Features

Field Visits and Records

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