RigoHR Goals and KPIs

Measure your KPIs and Improve them

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Assign Goals and KPIs to Departments, Branches or Employees and track progress in real time to check on organizational goal achievement.

Goals and KPIs help you to check where you are what what to do to achieve and exceed targets based on real time API data from your ERP/CRM and employee input.

Integrated Goals and KPIs for Organization Success

Measure and Improve your Goals and Achievement

Define KPIs (Goals & Targets)

Define Goals and KPIs to your team, branches or departments. Categorize KPIs and create templates for different positions so that you can easily assign them initially or when people’s roles change. KPIs can be local KPIS or connected KPIs with your ERP/CRM.

Assignment and Acceptance

Assign organizational KPIs to employees based on position templates or individually. When assigned or when KPIs are changed, employee needs to accept the assigned KPIs as an acknowledgement or contract and that will also be used during Performance Review. 

Sync, Upate and Track

Sync data from your ERP or CRM via API and keep the records always upto date. Local KPIs can be updated through self service portal or mobile app at periodic schedule. Assess organization progress and provide feedback to employee on time when they need.

Key Features

Assign Goals and Track KPIs

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