RigoHR Recruitment

Integrated Job Applications and Recruitment​

Still asking applicants to send their resume in your e-mail address and sorting and filtering them manually?

Post your vacancies through RigoHR, integrate the vacancy page in your website and get applications right inside RigoHR where you can proceed in RigoHR Applicant Tracking and Communication System.

Enhanced Digital Recruitment Experience

Online Applications and Applicant Tracking

Your Dedicated Careers Page

Create Job Positions and Vacancies right inside RigoHR and publish the vacancies in your career page. Applicants can fill the application form and submit details thorough your career page. You can configure what information to ask from applicants and define what part is mandatory so that you get the necessary information you want.

Digital Experience for Applicants

These days, it does not look good to ask CVs in e-mail address. You need to manually sort the mails and process them. You may miss mails and you may not be able to respond to the respondants regarding their success or failures on the selection process. We make it easy and  remarkable for you and your applicants.

Hassle Free Processing

Process applications received in RigoHR ATS. Responding applicants, keeping record of conversations or scheduling interviews is easy and effortless. Interview, score, hire or mark and keep record of applicants for future consideration. When hired move them to Onboarding and if not at least inform them.

Key Features

Easy Applications and Applicant Tracking

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