RigoHR Performance

Fair and Transparent Employee Performance Review

Fair and transparent performance review is part of healthily organization culture.

RigoHR helps you to carry out standard or 360 degree performance review with connected information from different areas of employee work cycle e.g. Goals and KPI, JD, KSA, Learning and Tasks.

Multidimensional Performance Review

Review, Recognition and Reward

Easy and Flexible Forms

Flexible form creation tool in RigoHR allows you to create beautiful review forms. Define sections, common or different rating scale, section view and statement and section weights your way. Everything provided as default in the software works perfectly well. You always have options to configure many things your way including consent option, consent messages, notifications, e-mails and sharing.

Multi Manager & Peer Review

Carry out single manager or multi-manger review. You can even include peers in 360 degree review. Peers can be nominated by  admin or ask Direct Manager, Branch Manager or Department Head to nominate peers for employees. The completed form finally goes to the Performance Review Committee who can assess the whole review and give a final score if required.

Reward & Development Plan

View summary and detailed report of the performance review whether that is in progress or has been completed. In addition to employee score  and ranking, reports are available with individual statement level analytics. You can add Personnel Improvement Plan section in the form and a detailed report and analytics is also available on most recommended PIPs by managers with action plan and responsibility.

Key Features

Easy Applications and Applicant Tracking

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