Leave and Time

Easy and Effortless Leave and Attendance Tracking

Automate Leave and Attendance Tracking via RigoHR Leave and Time Module available in Mobile App as well as Web Application.

Track attendance through modern mobile app with geofencing, in-location reporting or the old school thumb device synchronization.

Leave rules, auto balance tracking, force leave planning, collusion control, and substitute nomination makes it easy and empower your team while ensuring your organization work goes smoothly.

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Hassle Free Leave and Time

Modern way to manage Leave and Attendance

Flexible Leave Options

Defile your leave easily and effortlessly. The system guides you through leave setup and configuration. Whether the leave year starts from the start of the financial year or any other month, you can set up your way. Yuu can define leave types, their accrual rules and carry forward rules yourself through leave management feature.

Attendance and Penalty

Do you want to regularize your team’s attendance, you can do that in RigoHR. You can alert your team members when they are late via app and even e-mail. For always late type of people, you can introduce some grace time and late penalty rule and based on the rule, RigoHR gives you the penalty hours or days based on their attendance record.

Geofencing Attendance

Attendance devices are the things of the past (though RigoHR supports them). No one wants to use those devices. You can use our modern mobile application for check-in, check-out, break-in and break-out. We even allow you to check the location from where your team checks-in and restrict the location and devices allowed to check-in.

Flexible Leaves

Setup different types of leaves easily and confidently and set rules for leave request and minimum and maximum leave duration. Leaves can accrue on monthly or annual basis and hourly leave request option is also available.

Flexible Approval Flow

Separate or combined approval flow with multiple levels of approvers can be defined for each leave and additional approval rule can also be defined if leave duration is more than certain days. You can also setup in app and mail notifications of the leaves approved.

Balance Tracking

Leave Balances are automatically accrued based on the rules setup and they can lapse or carry forward based on your rule. We have option to follow Labor Act and set leaves to comply with the act. Mid-joining, status changes or retirements are automatically taken care of.

Leave Encashment

On pay finalization, all the required reports from Bank Transfer, Salary Sheet Salary Voucher, SSF, CIT, PF, TDS are automatically generated in the prescribed format. For review and audit detailed reports for Finance and Audit are available.

Leave Provisioning

The finance department and auditors may want the remaining leave balance liability to be provisioned in the books of accounts. RigoHR Leave and Time makes it easy by providing you the amount of leave liability at the end of a Financial Year.

Regular / Shift Time

Employees can be categorized into regular office hours employees or shift employees. The time and attendance is managed differently for shift employees and the system automatically detects overnight shift and adjust the timings accordingly.

Geofencing Attendance

Your team is on the move and you want to track where they have checked-in from! RigoHR location attendance gets the location from where people checked-in. You can also restrict check-in from one or more specified locations via geofencing.

Device Registration

When using RigoHR Mobile Application, you can allow log-in from pre-approved mobile phones and restrict log-in from any other phones. This increases security and attendance swapping by giving login details to colleagues.


Employees can request overtime as per the company rule and approvers get the check-in / check-out details on approval. Overtime pay calculation is handled by the system based on the hours approved and rates defined.

Work Sites

You can define work-sites and allow attendance from a single or multiple work-sites when employee is within a defined radius. This ensures the employee was present in the location when doing attendance from mobile application.

Attendance Insight

Detailed attendance insight and reporting is available to Managers and specified authorities. Average in and out time, regularity of attendance, hours worked against standard expected hours and many such reports are available.

Late Control

You can set to ask for reason if an employee checks in late and even send late notification and e-mail when someone is late. Late penalty rule can be defined and when people are late beyond grace time penalty can be levied.

Flexible Leave Configuration

RigoHR Leave and Time suggests you leave types and accrual, lapse and accumulation rules based on Labor Act so that you do not need to worry about compliance. There is always an option to define leaves and rules on your own as well.

Leave Lapse and Carry Forward

Create different types of leave rules and their treatment when leaves remain unutilized during the period. You have the option to lapse, carry forward or lapse some days and carry forward some days through a flexible configuration.

Team Attendance Insight and Control

RigoHR is just not data input. The beauty of the platform is you get real insight from the date you input or gather from different modes and present an intelligent insight from the data so that managers and management can use the data for decision making.

Time Request for missed Check-in

If someone misses check-in due to any reason, there is always an option to request for attendance recording and upon approval the time request is set in the system. This feature gets you covered in case of some unforeseen circumstances.

Make the Leave and Attendance Easy for you and Your Team