RigoHR for Group Companies

Multiple Companies Grouped under a Single Umbrella

Where you have two or more companies and want to manage those companies centrally without having to remember multiple applications, usernames and passwords, RigoHR gives you the facility to manage your group companies in a easy way.

Group your companies, login with Single Sign On and give permission to high level authorities to multiple companies.

RigoHR Group Company

Special Features for Group Companies

Will all the Features Available in RigoHR

Create a Group

Create your Group of Companies which gives you flexibility to work withing your group companies


Use SSO like RigoID, Google or Microsoft to access all your group company accounts from single sign on.

Manage Roles

Manage user roles. Choose what permission one gets or does not get in each of the group companies.

Switch Effortlessly

Switch easily between the group companies without requiring to login again based on the permission granted.

Some more features including Group Reports, Group Transfer are on the way...