Increase People Performance while Reducing Costs

RigoHR Customers significantly increase people performance and productivity while reducing people and HR operation costs.

Increased Performance

To increase performance, you should be able to measure it. RigoHR helps you to set performance standards in terms of JD, KSAs, Tasks, Goals and KPIs. You can assign and assess your team against benchmark or set standard to identify where your team is lagging behind and how to support them for better performance.

Reduced Cost

You can reduce your people cost significantly by adopting RigoHR which helps you automate repeated and mundane tasks. Further it saves employee’s time upto 1 hour a month and manager’s time upto 5 hours a month. The time saved can be used to productive use toward better productive areas.

Operational Efficiency

With standard operating procedure and processes, you can achieve operational efficiency. When those processes and procedures are setup in the system, the system automates those areas and reports you and you do not need to run after trivial tasks and do not need to be in a state of continuous watch.

Engaged People

To produce desired results and achieve organizational goals, your people need to adopt your vision and give their best effort willingly. This is only possible when your people are engaged and motivated to work. They should feel belonged to the organization and being treated and rewarded fairly.

The Rigo Advantage

Nepal's One and Only Dedicated HR Software Company

We specialize in People Platform. We work only on Human Resources Management Platform, nothing else.

Our focus on People Platform help us innovate faster, develop cutting edge people technology and serve our customers better.

Trusted by 500+ companies in Nepal and Abroad

Nepal's Best HR Software Comapny

HR Solution by a Team of In-house Professionals

Team of In-House Experts

Rigo is run by a team of Chartered Accountants, IT Professionals and HR Professionals with more than 15 years experience in the respective domain. Rigo is the only company in Nepal run by full time, dedicated and in-house professionals. We understand Tax, Law and Nepalese Culture in addition to Technology, Information Security and HR Best Practices.

Continuous Innovation

We have a in-house dedicated team of highly qualified expert researchers. We do continuous research in the field of People Operations, Information Technology, Data Security and International HR Best Practices and bring international advancements to Nepalese business in a way to align with local culture and practices. We make sure your software is never outdated.

Premium Customer Service

Our team of highly qualified professionals provide unmatched level of support and consulting service to our customers. Our understanding of PeopleOps, Human Resource Practices, Taxes and Laws sets us apart from our competition for the customers who seek the best. During Implementation, we guide customers on process re-engineering.

Low Cost - High Value

RigoHR, Nepal’s best human resources software is available as subscription. You do not need to invest in software purchase or customization. Just pay a small monthly fee based on packages you want and number of people you have. You get premium software at a very low fee for as long as you want and upgrade to advanced features when you feel you and your people are ready for them.

Great User Experience

Easy to use modern web and mobile application increases employee adaptability and engagement

Flexibility and Control

Flexible Roles and Permission ensures the right functions and information is accessed by right people

Standard Practices

We help you adopt standard People Practices followed by innovative and high growth companies worldwide

Always up to date

Rigo cloud application is always up-to-date and any legal or security updates are available before you realize

Designed by CAs

RigoHR is built by HR, Finance and IT Professionals with more than 15 years experience in the field.

Fast implementation

Implement RigoHR within a few days with our professional customer success team.

Small Affordable Fee

Run the best HR platform on a small subscription fee. No upfront investment to purchase the software.

People Focus

Focuses on Team collaboration, Learning, Performance and Development.

Latest Technology

RigoHR is built on latest technology to give you and your team the premium experience.

Enterprise Security

We are serious about our customer data and take information security very seriously.

12 Years in HR

Rigo is in working in the area of Human Resources Software for the past 10 years and will be in this domain for years to come.

Ask the Expert

We don't just sell the software. Our experts provide valuable suggestions of HR Best Practices.

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