RigoHR Travel

Travel Planning, Advances and Settlement

Plan, authorize and manage business travel with ease in RigoHR. Provide advances and Allowances based on eligibility and reimburse Expenses through travel expenses settlement.

With RigoHR travel authorization, TADA, Allowances and reporting becomes seamlessly easy.

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Travel Planning and Management

Easy Authorization and Expenses

Approval and Allowance Rules

Define Travel approval rules as to who will approve business travels. Create travel categories for different levels of authority and TADA setup. Travel Allowances and Expenses can be set for travel category and level of employees. System automatically picks the eligible Allowance and Expenses on request.

Travel Order and Advance

Request for travel easily via web or mobile application, view eligible allowances and expenses and get travel order on approval. Disburse travel advance without the hassle of manual calculation and paper record keeping. Traveler can delegate authority and choose a substitute while on travel if required.

Travel Report and Settlement

On return from travel, the traveler should submit a travel report and initiate travel settlement request through the system. The process keeps a record of travel, achievement and record of expenses and allowances. Bills can be attached and net difference of eligible amount against the  advances is sent to finance for settlement.

Key Features

Travel Rules

Travel Request and Order

Travel Report and Settlement

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