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Easy, Fast and Accurate Payroll Software

RigoHR Payroll is the best Payroll Software that is easy, accurate and blazing fast. RigoHR Payroll is designed by Chartered Accounts and Finance Professionals who understands legal provisions, taxation and finance.

RigoHR Payroll is the only software in Nepal that gives you full assurance through accurate calculation, upto date legal compliance and maker/checker functionality.

RigoHR Payroll Software
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The Best Payroll Software

Payroll, Taxes and Compliance

Easy and Accurate

RigoHR Payroll is easy to setup and run. Once setup, payroll is automated through various events in and related modules in RigoHR. Our payroll is highly accurate and very fast to process. Leave, Time, Overtime, Allowance, Loan, Advance, back dated increase, mid join or retirement are automatically reflect and update pay calculation on event approval.

Easy and Accurate Payroll Software

Legal Compliance

RigoHR Payroll is designed by Chartered Accountant, and it fully complies with laws. Income Tax, SSF, PF, CIT, Insurance and Tax Planning are seamless in the software. With employee self-service, review and approval, everyone can plan their taxes. The system generates monthly and annual TDS and salary reports in the prescribed format.

Legal Compliance in Payroll Software

Audit and Analytics

You can verify and check everything calculated by the system through audit trail, change records and comprehensive reports. Every change goes through maker and checker process and nobody can change critical information without process. Various reports and analytics are available for HR Manager, Finance Manager and Auditors.

Audit and Analytics in Payroll Software


The most accurate payroll software in Nepal whether it is pay or tax. No more juggling with excel sheets and confusing formulas. Confidently run accurate pay and taxes from the software will complete control.


Everything is processed through approved source events and when it is time to finalize the pay and taxes, you can review the changes and complete the process over a cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes.

Legal Updates

RigoHR Payroll is always up to date for any new or change in legal provision. We take care of all the legal provisions and update the system on time. You do not need to worry about budgets and taxes.

Ready Reports

On pay finalization, all the required reports from Bank Transfer to TDS are automatically generated in the prescribed format. For review and audit detailed reports for Finance and Audit are available.

Self Service

With employee self-service feature for tax planning, HR Department’s time is hugely reduced, and employees get detailed information on how their pay and taxes are processed.

Add-on Pay

RigoHR Payroll supports regular payroll periods as per English or Nepali calendar months and multiple mini pay periods in between for special pay like Dashain Bonus, OT or profit Bonus.

API Connectivity

You can securely and easily retrieve data from RigoHR and integrate employee and pay data to your ERP or CRM via Rigo API. We have special integration with some ERP systems including SAP.

Secure Access

Employee pay information is very sensitive data for every organization. We have designed the system to separate payroll data and require special authority to access it inside the system.

Flexible Income and Deduction Definition

Define different types of income like Fixed Monthly Income, Monthly Changeable Income, Income that is based on another income or Festival Allowance without worrying about formulas calculations. You get easy visual configuration for incomes.

On the deduction side statutory deductions like PF, CIT, SSF, TDS are automatically taken care of based on your company setting. You can add additional deductions like Loan or Advance deductions easily. Loans and advanced can also be requested by employee based on organization rule and once approved – the system starts deduction automatically till the settlement is completed via payroll or external accounting settlement.

RigoHR Payroll - Flexible Income

Overtime, Allowances and Expense Claims

RigoHR keeps track of time and allows employees to request Overtime and Allowance based on eligibility rule.

Approved Overtime and Allowances can be posted to payroll and payroll and taxes are automatically calculated based on the tax law.

We have an advanced Expense Claim System where you can define Expenses and their criteria regarding who can claim expenses. Expenses can be defined to limit on amount or units (like 50 liter of petrol a month) eligibility in a month or a year. On request eligibility is checked and validated to keep the request and approval within the limit. Further, if you are using FieldPro module to track field visits, field expenses can be claimed via Expense Claim with Field Visit Details automatically pulled from the module.

RigoHR Payroll - Overtime and Allowance

Tax and Investment Planning

Everyone is concerned about how their tax is calculated and whether there is any way to reduce the tax liability. Rigo gives the details how one’s tax is calculated and shows of there is way to reduce the tax liability. Employee can request to change the tax status, retirement fund planning and add insurance with easy explanation regarding the limits and potential amount based on the provisions of the law.

Not only the employees are benefited from this unique feature, but HR Department’s time and effort is hugely saved on explaining the calculation and available benefits to everyone in the organization.

Easy legal provision reference can also help the HR Department team to plan for optimum and accurate investment and tax planning for their team.

RigoHR Payroll - Investment and Tax Planning

Easy and Connected Payroll

RigoHR Payroll is the Easiest Payroll system you can get. The system has been designed by Chartered Accountant who understands the legal provisions and possible future changes and variations.

Pay calculated is run in reference to other connected modules like leave and time, loans and advances so that you do not need to manually enter or adjust values each month reducing your effort and error by a large extent.

When everything is connected there is no redundancy of data entry or missed data entry. This eliminates errors during entry resulting in high accuracy figures.

RigoHR Payroll - Easy and Connected Payroll

Statutory Report and Tax Certificate

We understand the laws and regulations of the country. We study and update statutory reports required by the law and regulatory bodies. In addition to management and audit reports, all the statutory reports and pre-built in the payroll system so that you can download the reports in a single click and use them when needed.

SSF, CIT, PF or TDS reports are generated in ready to use format. You can download the reports and upload them directly into the respective portals without any further work.

Annual Tax Calculation Report are generated in clean and clear format, and you also download Tax Certificate Letter to IRD office for employees to get Tax Clearance Certificate.

RigoHR Payroll - Statutory Reports

Accounting Voucher and Reports

RigoHR generates accounting vouchers that can be uploaded or integrated into your ERP system. The voucher can be configured and generated in the format most appropriate to your system.

We have also integrated the salary voucher into some well renowned system like SAP ERP. And for other systems that are not specifically integrated, we give you report download option or report fetch option via secure API which you can integrate to any of your ERP system.

We have special formats for Core Banking System as well. Majority of Core Banking System accept the report format generated by RigoHR.

RigoHR Payroll - Accounting Reports

Arrears and Mass Increment

Backdated pay increase is one of the most tedious process when calculating arrear figures and at the same time it is unavoidable.

RigoHR takes care of arrear calculation automatically when it detects pay increase event falling prior to the current period. The system guides you through the arrear calculation in a flexible manner. Arrear Payment and Tax adjustment is automatically taken care of.

Where you need to change pay for many employee at once, the mass increment features makes it easy for you and guides you through the process so that you do not need to waste your time dealing with one employee at a time.

RigoHR Payroll - Increment and Arrears

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