HR Software for growing business

Engage and promote your whole workforce through RigoHR — from hiring to retiring and everything in between. Engage and promote your whole workforce through RigoHR — from hiring to retiring and everything in between.

RigoHR, the Best and most widely used HR software in Nepal helps you engage, align, monitor and feedback your team for your organizational goal achievement.

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End to End HR Platform

HR Software for growing business

HR Platform built on Global Standards

Rigo Human Resources Software is built on Global Human Resources Management best practices. We introduce the best features followed by industry leaders while complying local laws, practices and working culture.

Promoting People and Performance

Rigo HR Software is built for visionary HR leaders who want to work with their people for the organizational goal achievement. We focus on employee learning, performance, development and engagement.

Self Service with Maker and Checker

New generation of workforce expect fair, transparent and self-service platform. This reduces HR department workload and employees are engaged. We promote high level of self service with data change approval chain.

HR best practices

RigoHR follows and guides you through HR best practices followed by the industry leaders and provides you future-proof robust people platform.

Easy and intuitive

The system is very easy to use. Every detail has been meticulously designed to assist and engage user while reducing potential error.

Legal compliance

Unlike other alternative, we take care of legal compliance, rules and regulations applicable to the business. You do not need to worry about legal updates.

Deep people insight

RigoHR is designed for all the stakeholders from employee to executive. Top level management and managers get an unparalleld insight of their people.

Highly configurable

We cover all you need and all you can think of in the area of HR Best Practices and allow you to configure the system your way and define your own rules.

Cloud native

RigoHR is cloud native system and it is highly scalable, robust and secure system. We take care of everything, you just access the system from web or mobile.

Secure and reliable

We have multi-layer of security features and functions in the infrastructure and application. The system is built with enterprise grade security.

API connectivity

If you need, you can get data from secure API from RigoHR and integrate it with your other systems in your organization or build a module on your own.

RigoHR - Employee Record

Employee Record and Progression

Maintain your team record in a single place and keep track of career progression and movement and job events throughout the employee lifecycle. Employee events are managed and presented in a clean, understandable and actionable form.

Employee can fill personal data form self service portal and send for approval to the HR Department reducing the HR Department workload to keep team personal record up to date.

RigoHR - Premission

Flexible Authority, Roles and Permission

Whether you are a big corporate or a small team of people, you can define who gets access to what and who can do what. You can define Roles and Permission on Modular Level to only those people who need access to the information.

Administrators, Managers, Heads, Employees and External Consultants and Auditors are all covered with different in-built permission groups that you can also configure your way to maintain you organisation’s data privacy and accessibility.

RigoHR - Approval Flow

Easy Approval Flow, Notifications and Alerts

Setting up approval flow and rules for different kinds of employee request is easy in RigoHR. You can define approval flow for different activities from employee data change request from self service portal to investment and tax planning including regular management activities like leave, travel etc.

Approval flows can be multiple level approval flow and notifications can be setup as required. When a user makes a request appropriate approval route based on pre-defined flow is taken and user or administrator can track the approval progress and re-route the request if there is some issues in the middle.

E-mail, App or Web alerts make it easy to follow and take action by the approver. And the person who needs to know the approval state gets appropriate notification, as well.

RigoHR - JD and KSA

Employee Expectation, Duty and Responsibility

Create Job Description, Knowledge, Skills and Ability in RigoHR, assign to employees, track acceptance and progression to inform employee about organization’s expectation from them and communicate transparently with the employee to be in the same page so that collectively everyone contributes in the best possible way toward organization goal achievement.

These tools help create a responsible and accountable environment and there is no escaping from duties assigned to team members. Performance Evaluation takes reference and rating from the KSAs, Manager’s Journal and multiple other factors.

RigoHR - Travel Management

Travel Management, Advances and Settlement

Planning travel, requesting it and getting travel advances on the basis of defined TADA and Eligible Expenses based on travel destination and the level of employee is easy in RigoHR. You can define travel categories, allowances and reimburse expenses category for different level of employees and the system seamlessly checks and validates expenses and rules.

Team members can request travel advance and settle the advance when back from travel through travel settlement. Keeping record of travel and travel outcome is effortless.

RigoHR - Helpdesk

HR Helpdesk and Employee Messages

Gone are the days when your team need to visit or call the HR department for each and every quarries and concerns.

Team members can raise their quarries and concerns directly from RigoHR App and get answers from the HR Department without any visit, call or untraceable e-mails.

This saves huge employee and HR department time in dealing with minor issues and makes it effortless for employees to raise their concern through the platform.

HR Department or any authorized user can send notification to all or selected employees in selected channel. User gets clean messages delivered in their mailbox, application or mobile app.

RigoHR - Daily Attendance

Easy tools for Human Resource Operations

Rigo’s CoreHR features and functionalities cover all the day to day human resources operational areas. The features and functions are easy to use with no or minimal training. In addition to the web application, about 90% of the day to day features are also available its mobile application.

Setup, Automate and Analyze

Setup your Rules

Setup your organization rules through flexible configuration options in the platform. Most of the legal and general practice configuration have already supplied in the software as default best practice rules. You have the option to change them to your liking and define advanced specific rules.

Automate via Self-Service

Once the rules are defined and configured, most of the things go into auto-pilot and users can start using, requesting and reviewing the activities through easy to use self service app. No HR Department intervention is required unless there is some rule to change. Use the freed time to other important areas.

Analyze and Make Decision

System keeps record, processes it the way it was supposed to do and provides you information, analytics, summary and insight in an easy to understand format. You can take necessary action based on reports, analytics and insight provided for the betterment of your team and business.

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